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Colorado Battles on a Day of Celebration

Charlotte Figi Day

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Colorado, along with Washington state, has always been looked at as a pioneer when it comes to the marijuana industry. After all, they were the first to legalize the industry and reap the tremendous rewards that caused other states to quickly follow suit.

This latest news began to come about on Charlotte Figi Day in February. For those who may not know, she is the young girl who created the path for Colorado to legalize medical marijuana use. Ten months ago, Charlotte passed away. But not after she and her loving mother Paige Figi spent nearly a decade in the spotlight, leading the crusade for medicinal marijuana that ended up helping save lives, and changing laws in the process.

Charlotte, who battled Dravet Syndrome, which is what popularized her treatment using cannabidiol, or CBD, died after contracting what the family suspects was COVID-19. The 13-year-old’s funeral was put on hold. But today, April 7th – which has officially been dubbed Charlotte Figi Day in Colorado – family, friends and fans are experiencing a virtual celebration of the teen’s life called “Rock the RoC.” Hosted by Realm of Caring, a nonprofit organization dedicated to medical marijuana research, education and advocacy, the two-hour event features live performances by the Avett Brothers, the War and Treaty, Ruthie Foster, and so much more.

This is all happening while Colorado is looking at (and yapping about) what could be its biggest overhaul of marijuana laws since recreational legalization came to pass. As recently as 2014, the vast majority of medical and recreational cannabis sold in Colorado was flower, with only 11% being the high-potency concentrates consumed through things like vape pens. By 2019, concentrates took up a third of the market and flower fell below 50%. With the rising popularity of high-THC concentrates now, which are several times more potent than flower and edibles, come worries among wealthy political groups and allies that teens have too much access to it without having enough knowledge of the actual effects.

A bill is in the works that would regulate the state’s industry with a range of proposals, including a possible THC potency cap, a requirement that people seek medical cards in person only, and improved data collection aimed at stricter enforcement of purchasing limits. This bill’s potential impact is enough to have the cannabis industry and its advocates warning of a so-called “prohibition,” while once again raising concerns about racial inequity within the business itself.

For those who want to see this pass, the health and safety of children is their main priority. And the public face of this proposal just happens to be the legislature’s lone medical doctor, Yadira Caraveo, a pediatrician.

Health and safety of children is important, certainly, but these words don’t hit the mark when the rest of the bill is discussed. There are those running dispensaries in Denver who state that the stories show a need to be a better parent to the child, and is not a business issue at all.

No matter which “side” you happen to fall on, there are two things that are certainties: 1) If the bill passes, there will be a monumental number of changes to the current cannabis laws in both the medical and recreational sectors. 2) What should be concentrated on – at least on the now special day of April 7th that celebrates a teen who lost her life but changed the world for the better in the process – is that Charlotte Figi needs to be celebrated.

Parenting is an issue in these horrific times. Taking care of our children is highly important. But to overshadow Charlotte’s life in any way with battling is not the way to go. It makes the industry, and the people fighting, look incredibly small.

Rest in peace, Charlotte.

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