Significant changes could be on the horizon for enthusiasts

The House is trying it again with the introduction of the MORE Act of 2021 being led by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and the Congressional Cannabis Committee. The ultimate goal of this legislation is simple. The decriminalization of marijuana from the Federal Controlled Substance Act to now enable the legal use of recreational cannabis across the country.

The MORE Act is the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act.  With a 5% tax, of course, the Feds want their share of tax revenue, the creation of economic opportunities and assistance to racial inequalities, and diverse cannabis businesses are all a part of this legislation. Plus, the removal of convictions of marijuana charges, the expungement of prior convictions, and a review of current cases that may need to be “expunged” based on the parameters of the law. Certainly, the expungement process has more rules and laws than we will outline in this feature; for example, if someone was convicted of possessing less than an ounce may deserve the expungement vs. a long-term, large dealer selling a 50-pound truckload from a “black market” supplier.

Regardless of the motivations, how the law is being presented, taxes, political messaging, and timing, the House may pass it. Still, it has to make it through the Senate, which may be a challenge based on its current political structure. Hopefully, it will get passed, but if not now, it will happen in the near future. It is inevitable.

The Republican Party needs to take a hard look at is this law. Alcohol and tobacco are sold across our country. If the Republican party wanted to gain some momentum, actually support individual freedom they so love to preach about, keep tax revenue in the states to assist their specific needs from this industry, and have a “new” talking point for future elections, wouldn’t it be a smart move to have a big push from the Republicans to pass this law and decriminalize marijuana? Of course, it would.  But in reality, odds are they will keep dragging their feet to fight it. 

Frankly, it is past time to get this done. More and more states have passed the legal adult recreational cannabis law, state revenues are growing, the public is more readily open to accept it, and frankly, it is a personal choice that the Federal Government should not limit. Contact your Congressman and Senators and let them know that you support this legislation. The more we voice our opinion, the less they will be able to ignore the issue.  Let us hope there is MORE to come in 2021.

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