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My 420 Networks “High Profile” Editorial Section

My 420 Networks “High Profile” Editorial Section

It is highlighting businesses and people that are “heads and shoulders” above the rest!

 We all know them when we see them! Companies, people, and personalities combined with a great plan, dedication, and enthusiasm in everything they do that surpass expectations.  The ones that inspire others!

All of us have seen it! That one local dispensary that is a little different, or the set up is unique, customer service is outstanding and leaves a lasting impression. Perhaps it is an owner or the C.E.O of a major grower or a company’s efforts with an outreach program in their local market. As enthusiasts, we recognize these people and companies that stand out a little “higher” than the rest.

They deserve the credit, and our High Profiles editorial section is designed to highlight theses “movers and shakers” in the ever-changing market.  Owners, operators, growers, spokespeople, supporters, and others that are a part of the legal marijuana landscape should have the recognition they deserve. We want you!

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